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There is always a possibility when Hardware fail and you don’t have backup about your data! If you have a backup, you can restore and retrieve your data but if you don’t have back up. Don’t worry, still, we can help you to recover it, whether your disks have been accidentally formatted or suffered from water damage. Herts solutions can help you in the disposal and recycling of all types of computer related equipment, computer monitors, servers, desktops pc, notebooks, printers and all other IT  hardware like CRT displays, tapes, floppy disks, CD’s and DVD’s to ensure compliance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directives (WEEE). Redundant IT equipment and CRT displays are assessed for the most suitable recycling route in accordance with WEEE guidelines. The majority of equipment currently collected is consigned for physical destruction with recovery of various material components. Secure data destruction is achieved by physical destruction of the media, however, if you specifically require data to be certified destroyed to SEAP standards this can be arranged, please call to discuss your individual requirements.

In addition to IT equipment, Herts can also offer a recycling service for all other electrical office equipment such as mobile phones, phones, fax machines, photocopiers and other similar items.